Signature Mill Manchester

signature mill manchester
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*Manchester house prices predicted to increase by 26.4% in the next five years*

* Rental market is expected to grow by an average of 4.2% every year over the next five years *

Manchester is on the map and in a big way. Demand over the last few years has far outstripped supply as more and more people move into this rapidly growing
economic, shopping and cultural hub of the North. When it comes to things to do, Manchester has them in abundance: there is always a festival, a market or a music event happening in town at any given point in the year. These events mean that people flock into the city from far and wide—and once they have a taste for it, many visitors decide never to leave! This helps demand for Manchester property to continue to rise. The city has a thriving economy, including the recently developed business district at Spinning fields, which has been called the Canary Wharf of the North. House prices are continuing to rise in the area, with percentage increases being equalled only by London, showing the economic power of what is arguably the UK’s second city—it really is a place to invest for the long term whether an individual, institution or bank.

Signature Mill Manchester

A Uk Residential Investment

Up to 15% Yearly Returns

12 Months Investment Term

£15,000 Entry Level Investment

Corporate Guarantee From Developer

£250 a per sq foot so offering great value for Manchester City centre, one and two beds, prices from £134,160.00. 

This development will host 29 one bedroom apartments, each luxuriously

furnished with modern decor and fixtures throughout.

This development will also host 67 standard 2-bed apartments finished to the

highest of standards