Lancashire Care Home investment

Investinrooms Lancashire care homes

l Residential Care home based in Lancashire UK
l Discounted Launch Price - Invest from £89,950
10 Year 8% fixed income guarantee - 8% NET
l Net Yields in excess of 10% are projected
from year 3 onwards
l Valuations and income projections supported
by operational analysis
l Clients funds held with lawyers
until completion
l VAT neutral investment
l Fully managed and operated by specialist care
company with exemplary track record
l Existing business with in excess of 3 years accounts
l Fully operating business SIPP & SASS compliant
115% buyback after Year 5 Exit Strategy

Lancashire Care Home Investment

Fully Occupied Care Home

  • All rooms cost £89,950 
  • All rooms come with a guaranteed minimum yield of 8% per annum (paid in monthly instalments)
  • Reservation fee per unit £2000 which will sit in escrow until completion.
  • Past year 3 each investor will benefit from the increase in rental income ext 10 -12% per annum. ( 8% min guarantee)
  • On year 5 all investors will have the chance to sell their units for 115% of what they originally bought them for. (requires 60 day notice)


Maximum Term:
Investment min:


Returns Min: