Grosvenor Square Portfolio SICAV Plc

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The Fund seeks to maximise income returns via a diversified portfolio corporate bonds
–Listed and
•with a target allocation of between 5-25 different corporate bond investments at any one time.
•The diversification policy of the Fund precludes exposure to a single issuer

Minimum Holding: £10,000 or the Sterling equivalent of USD10,000 or EUR10,000
•Initial Offer Period: ending on 31 January 2016
•Initial Offer Price: £1,000 (GBP one thousand) per Fund Share being the offer price of the Shares applied for by prospective Investors during the Initial Offer Period

Grosvenor Square Portfolio SICAV plc

Corporate Bond Fund

Investment over 24 months

should return between 12-18% over that period for investors.

Property, Footsie, Aim, Listed Bonds.