Godwin Capital

Godwin Developments (“Godwin”) is a UK focused regional property development and investment business. Godwin
Capital No 1 Ltd is part of its fundraising division.
Godwin’s strategy is to build and monetise an extensive and diversified portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed
use freehold property assets primarily through investment in sites to develop out with the option to sell or hold for
The business will invest in a balanced portfolio of lower and higher yielding investments with a mix of short,
medium and longer term maturity to optimise the value and timing of returns and cash flows from the investment
programme, whilst maintaining an appropriate balance between risk and return.

• Short term investment opportunity
• Loan note terms of three or five years with income and deferred interest options
• Minimum investment of £10,000
• Interest earned will be 9% or 10 % per annum dependent on type of loan note chosen
• Bonus of up to 10% on the 5 Year Deferred option
• Secured with a first legal charge over properties purchased and a fixed and floating charge
• Security Trustee appointed to represent the interests of the loan note holders

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