The Waring Hotel Belfast

The Waring Hotel Belfast

The Waring is set to be transformed into a hotel with 64
units which will take on the highly successful and recognised
Signature Living Hotel branding. Widely recognised as a fun
and energetic aspect of the groups ventures, the Signature
Living Hotel will follow the same footprint as the original hotel
in Liverpool with quirky interiors, themed rooms and onsite bar
& restaurant.
Located in the lively party district of Belfast, the Signature
Living Hotel will fit right in with the cities young, fun and
vibrant surroundings with two stylish bars & restaurants
located on the ground floor and rooftop space of the building,
something which is particularly unique for the centre of
The suites will cater for a previously un-acknowledged type of
customer, those is groups with suites sleeping anything from 2
to 16 guests, which like the rest of the Signature Living brand,
focuses on ensuring guests have a memorable experience

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Waring Hotel Investment

The Waring Hotel Belfast

First Phase

ROI for years 1-3                                                            7%

ROI for year 4                                                                  8%

ROI for year 5-10                                                            9%

106% guaranteed buy back rising 2% per year from year three but capped at 112%.


(Year three 106%, year four 108%, year five 110%, year six to ten 112%). 

The ownership model is simple yet effective. Its hands-off format
enables you to enjoy regular payments directly to your bank account.
At the end of year 10 your capital shall be repaid in full, plus an
additional 12% uplift and including your rental income the overall
return on investment is an astonishing 95% return accumulative for
the 10 years averaging out at 9.5% per annum.