The Care Home Group

Investors who buy now will then have their individual unit marketed to the retail side in which they will receive 110% when sold.

This is unlike any other guaranteed buy back that relies on the complete project being sold.

i.e. 60 rooms at one go, to receive your guaranteed uplift!!!

The retail sector will be high in demand, as if anyone moves into a care home with assets over £23,500 have to pay in full for their care,

When the cash dries up the local authority will then put a 1st charge over the house they own.

When they pass away then what ever outstanding care bills they have will come out the sale of the house, thus leaving the family with little or no inheritance.

However if you sell your home and become an owner/occupier then this is classed as domiciliary care, receiving care in your own home.

When x passes away then 100% of that asset is passed down to the family member with 100% of the inheritance.

They can then sell or keep renting it out for the 10% yield.

Ask for more details to identify further benefits to investors.

the care home group

The Care home group

• The Care Home Group will market your care studio to its

retail customer base. As a one off to all investors.

• Receive a 10% return on your initial investment via buy-back on

its retail sale (with 110% buy-back guarantee in Year 5 or before or

125% buy-back guarantee in Year 10)

And a 10% annual return paid monthly until unit is sold.

• A guaranteed opportunity to purchase further care studios within

our portfolio, ensuring a continuing ROI

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the care home group