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RB Care Homes

Care Home Investment

Care Home Investments from £75,000 up

  • Excellent return on investment (8-12% per annum) GUARANTEED to Buy back options  (3, 5, 9, 15 & 25 years)
  • Recession proof investment - assessed care is inevitably required room variants depending on investment level (£75,000 and up)
  • Ethical Investment
  • Demand for beds expected to exceed 40,000 by 2020 High demand locations
  • Specialised fit for purpose buildings & equipment Qualified & experienced management teams skilled and trained workforce.
  • Multi-faceted specialist service offerings (residential, nursing, dementia & mental health and learning disability)Fully assessed and bespoke Care Packages
  • Design for Dementia
  • Individual Fully Managed Care Homes
uk investments care home investment

Market Analysis

11% growth in the population over 65 years old since 2001

106% Growth in population over 85 in the UK by 2030 (ons)

21% increase in individuals living in residential homes 2005/6 - 2012/13

22% increase in residents living in nursing homes 2005/6 - 2012/13