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The National Autistic Society estimates that 700,000 adults in the UK have autism, of which 53% are aged between 16-35 years old. The majority receive primary care and support from their families, so it directly affects over 1.1 million people across the UK.
The demand for locations that offer supported accommodation for this age group, with experienced on-site care and support, is already in huge demand, but still massively under supplied.

St. Camillus is acquiring the hotel as a fully operational and going concern with booking commitments in place as a budget 2-star hotel with prominent sea views.
St. Camillus will be implementing a full, rolling refurbishment with an aim to get as much in place before the summer season 2018, and complete the remaining work in the low season from January 2019. The hotel will not close for business to maintain an income for their investors and keep up with the demand.
Once completed it will provide 65 modern en-suite rooms at a 3/4-star level of accommodation increasing room rates by at least 50%. La Tour, their current 2-star hotel in Blackpool, achieves £50-£120 per night, and once fully refirbished will become 3-star hotel.
The hotel also has several function & dining areas and a working kitchen that will be modernised to offer training facilities for the occupants and local users, further supporting their stay.
The building will be refurbished to cater for the needs of their guests and growing tourist trade, offering the highest standard under a recognised brand in Blackpool and more importantly, creating a home away from home for their clients.

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Number 7 Hotel and Care Blackpool

Investment Overview
NUMBER OF UNITS: 65 en-suite rooms
UNIT PRICE: £49,950
OWNERSHIP: 999-year leasehold property title
YIELD: 10% net contractually assured (£4,995 per year)
YIELD PAYMENT: Quartly in arrears
Assured buy back option at the end of year 5 at 100% of your purchase price = £49,950
Assured buy back option at the end of year 10 with a 110% uplift on original price = £54,945
Sell on the open market at any time

Projected Return on Investment
Year 5 with assured buy back at 100% of purchase price - 50% - £74,925
Year 10 with assured buy back at 110% of purchase price - 110% - £104,895

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