Blackpool Luxury Retirement Resort

Blackpool Luxury Retirement Home

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Blackpool Luxury retirement Resort

→ Invest from £69,950  

→ 10% returns for 10 years  

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Blackpool Luxury retirement resort


Blackpool is a renowned English seaside resort offering a variety of attractions, ranging from the Blackpool Tower to the UK’s only surviving first-generation tramway. This city is also unique as it boasts an elderly population higher than the national average - 20.4% are aged 65 or above as opposed to the national average of 17.8%. Due to the country's increasing number of over-65s, there is a major demand for retirement resort lodgings.

This former hotel will be transformed into 61 luxury retirement suites - many with sea views - for long and short-term residents. The retirement retreat will be conveniently located on the seafront and close to Blackpool's North Shore Golf Club. Residents will benefit from a private cinema, fine dining, a hair and beauty salon and a spa. Rooms start at £69,950 with returns from 10% paid monthly. Don't miss the opportunity to benefit from England's rising demand for elderly care living.