Blackpool Care Centre

Blackpool care home

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Blackpool Care Centre

 Availability: 45 en-suite rooms
Ownership: 999 year leasehold
Yield: 10% net - 10 years
Additional Ownership Costs: Zero

The Building will be refurnished offering the highest standard and more importantly giving the feeling of home away from home

Installation of safety ˜fixtures
» New bathrooms installed
» All rooms redecorated
» New furniture installed
» Exterior of building re-painted
» Care friendly access installed
» Bar and Function area remodelled
for residence and day care functions
» Modernisation of kitchen

blackpool care centre
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The facility is for young adults 18-25 offering respite accommodation and day care and training. It is not a care home but a specialist hotel for respite accommodation and day care.  It will stay a hotel and be marketed nationally to colleges, local authorities, charities and private client. It will be bought fully operational from day 1 and will undergo a rolling refurbishment after the peak tourist season is over in November to be completed by January 2018.

Income generating day 1 for investors.

St. Camillus Care Group specialise in offering respite care and vocational training for young adults with learning disabilities & autism across the UK.  This is their second facility which is located in the heart of Blackpool, offering an amazing 10% per year return on investment assured for TEN years!

This building will be specialist hotel with training facilities helping both local and national users an opportunity to achieve a level of independence they want.  Your opportunity is to purchase and invest in individual en-suite rooms and secure a 10% NET per year return on your investment assured for TEN years and a buyback of 110% of your purchase price.

St Camillus Group will refurbish and operate the 45 modern en-suite rooms. These rooms will be offered nationally throughout the UK and backed by Local Authorities, colleges and charities to provide respite care for families who want to send their family member to Blackpool for a holiday.