Care Homes

Care Homes

Care Home Investment and Investment in Residential Care Homes are both an ethical way to Invest your money. The shortage of care home places has been increasing exponentially over the last decade or so and many areas will have a shortage of Care Home beds within 5 years. The total shortfall is expected to rise from 9,807 next year to 18,832 in 2019. Here at Investinrooms we are offering the opportunity to Invest in Care Homes as both an ethical and a profitable investment and in many cases hands off with good returns. Contact us for more information.

the elms residential care home

The Elms Ibstock

Residential Care Home

Investments Starting at £69,999. 8% - 12% Assured Returns. Quarterly Payments.

Fully Managed turn key Investment. Ethical Investment.

Guaranteed Buy Back.

nant y gaer care home investment

Nant Y Gaer Hall Wrexham

.,. Fully managed turn key investment
.,. Ethical Investment
.,. Returns funded by UK Health Authority (Government Body)
.,. Recession Proof
.,. GUARANTEED Buy Back Options years 3,5,9, 15,25

Starting from £100,000. 8% - 12% returns. Paid Quarterly

care home investment butterhill house

Butterhill House Stafford

Starting from £44,999. 8% - 12% Assured Returns.

Guaranteed Buy Back Options at year 3, 5, 9, 15 and 25.

Full Managed turn key Investment. Ethical Investment.

Own a physical asset. UK Land Registry - Leasehold

UK Investments care home investment sandown IOW

Care Home Sandown Isle of Wight

Prime seafront location
• Luxury resort catering for senior guests
• Purchase from £89,950 to £149,950
• Choose how you receive your income
• Returns from 10% paid monthly
• 5-year 110% & 10-year 125% buy-back
• Reserve for £2,000

Blackpool care home

Blackpool Care Home

Availability: 45 en-suite rooms:   Ownership: 999 year leasehold
Yield: 10% net - 10 years:   Additional Ownership Costs: Zero

Autism Respite and training Facility for Young Adults

A Socially Responsible and Ethical Investment


uk investments care home investment CGW

RB Care Homes Care Home Investment

Excellent return on Investment (8-12%) GUARANTEED to Buy Back Options at (3,5,9, 15 & 25 years)

Ethical Investment

Fully assessed and bespoke care packages

Individual, fully managed care homes


UK Investments care home investment shanklin isle of wight

Care Home Community Living Isle of Wight

Option 2: Managed Service
Receive a 10% fixed monthly income by using a lease management company, such as our preferred supplier Care
Home Freehold Ltd ( This will safeguard income regardless of whether the studio is
occupied or not. The same developer’s cash-back1 is paid during refurbishment works, and the investor will pay the
managing agent a one-off fee of 25% of the total annual rent to cover legal, admin and maintenance fees.

Other options available

uk investments rosewll care home investinrooms

Rosewell Care Home 

Available Soon. Close to the village of High Littleton in North East Somerset

Purchase a care studio from £85,000
􀁴 Lease it back to us for a 10-year term
􀁴 Receive 10% pa return, paid monthly
􀁴 5-year 110% & 10-year 125% buy-back
􀁴 Reserve for £2,000

gateshead care facility

St Camillus Gateshead Care 

Learning and Care Respite Facility

Offering a Secure & Assured Investment From Day 1

Cost per Suite : £64,950      Assured Yield : 10%      Assured Period : 10 years

Buyback Year 5 : 107.5%      Buyback Year 10 : 110%

care home investment


Unique Care Home model in Yeovil

Investing in Luxury Care, Community Living

* 10% Net Yield Annually      * Buy Back 110% - 125%      *Minimum Purchase Price £76,965

All Units will be offered individually to private purchasers to enhance your investment

the care home group

The Care Home Group

The Care Home Group will market your care studio to its retail customer base. As a one off to all investors.

• Receive a 10% return on your initial investment via buy-back on its retail sale (with 110% buy-back guarantee in Year 5 or before or

125% buy-back guarantee in Year 10) And a 10% annual return paid monthly until unit is sold.

• A guaranteed opportunity to purchase further care studios within our portfolio, ensuring a continuing ROI